PURE IDENTITY - Friseurexklusive Haarkosmetik
The unique fragrance Green Perfume

For you and your customers a pleasant feeling during treatment. Thus, the coloration resembles a spa visit.

An effective, pleasant and yet commanding fragrance that has the power to neutralise oxidizing ammonia. The bonding effect of scented peroxide, a scented bleaching agent and the cream base enable the use of ammonia as the gentlest and most proven alkaline and the best-available solution. For a pleasant olfactory experience.

TOP: fresh lime cologne combined with green aldehydic leafy peel of ivy.

Impression of newly mown grass and fresh cucumber.

HEART: combination of rhubarb, cumin (cuminum cyminum), hops (humulus lupulus), maritime pine (pinus pinaster), clausena anisata, the Brazilian flower oil Lecythis usitata and the Mori flower oil Eschweilera coriacea

DRY DOWN: Galbanum and pine like smell combined with spicy scents of black pepper, juniper, coriander and myrtle.