PURE IDENTITY - Friseurexklusive Haarkosmetik

Style and color by Andy Larisch at the Beautyworld Middle East. Blond in different shades

„The bleaching is applied especially pleasant, does not swell, pleasant smell

Application in the salon

leaching Powder evenly to the unwashed hair or strands. Rinse Bleaching after reaching the reaction time thoroughly with water. Shampooing with Color Care products. and complete with Color Neutralizer the chemical process.

Mixing ratio:

1 part Bleaching Powder + 2 parts of peroxide

= Brightening up 5 pitches / Soft Bleaching

1 part Bleaching Powder + 1.5 parts peroxide

= Lightening to 7 pitches

Exposure times: 10 – 45 minutes. without heat, depending on the hair structure and degree of bleaching

Exposure to heat possible. Please make sure that the Blondiermasse does not dry out.

TIP: Particularly gentle Bleach can be carried out with the peroxide 1.9% and 3 %.

Bleaching Powder

Our bleaching works for the hair with very nourishing properties.

The specified mixing ratios we reach different levels whitening. It is very important to gauge precisely the scale to achieve the mixture of bleaching to achieve optimal whitening.

For this it is also essential to apply sufficient Blondiermasse on the desired hair areas, because only with adequate ground we can achieve the desired goal of brightness.