PURE IDENTITY - Friseurexklusive Haarkosmetik


Infinite variety with just 21 shades


The new coloration era in salon business

Experience the newest, smartest, ingenious, ultra-professional Coloration System – true brilliant invention for advanced salons.

Based on the best nurturing and functional color crème worldwide we created a complete Coloration System covering all color aspects for good colorists to the high-end color performer in the market – pure IDENTITY COLORS.

We ring in a new epoch in the matter of Coloration!

Experience the smartest
ultra-professional Coloration –


made in Germany.

made in germany

designed, developed  & produced

What is System 21?

Just 21 permanent and 21 semi-permanent nuances. Take your color artistry to the next level and mix custom color recipes for your customers.

Your creativity

It’s truly what sets you apart as a stylist and salon owner. PURE IDENTITY gives you the power to define your own color palette. Dare to be original, stand out from the crowd and create your own signature colors – for your salon and your customers.

Use our consultation system…

…on your iPad and find the perfect look together with your customers – aim to inspire for maximum satisfaction.


Freedom to express yourself.

Why is System 21 for me just right?

To lead successfully today a hairdressing salon , it requires a holistic business concepts that provide modern solutions , profitability , safety and reliability , without restricting the creative development of the hairdresser . Pure Identity is exactly at those points and, with an innovative System21 Colorationssystem ago that the creation of an infinite number of shades based on just 21 tubes of paint allows. So is possible successful salon business with sustainable profitability.

For me as a customer at the hairdresser
I am with a color professional who gives me a personal color ID .

First-class quality, perfect color results & a very nourishing color system

The formulations of the Pure Identity tints and colorants are based on the highest quality standards , made ​​in Germany . The result: Optimal opacity and brilliant color results. In addition, high quality natural essences from macadamia oil and make bamboo extract for radiant shine in the hair.

For me as a creative hairdresser
Here I am as Colorist an artist of my creativity.

Endless Creativity & color variety

From only 21 basic nuances about 350 absolutely individual nuances can be created using the System21 App – This ensures unlimited creativity and individuality .

For me as a hairdresser on the go
For me as a hairdresser on the go Whether fashion show, VIP customers or normal home visit, with only 21 tubes I am on the safe side and can satisfy every customer.

With System 21 fits my entire salon equipment in a suitcase. So I have for all eventualities everything ready at hand.

In addition a terrific quick delivery of products.

As an economically minded Hairdresser
Small selection, little stock More success through innovation

Hairdresser company on course for success

Considering the economic benefits of System21 overlooking warehousing and acquisition costs, then shows a whole new dimension of success opportunities for hairdressing entrepreneurs. Why? Because the capital commitment for such a high quality and professional Color Range compared is very low. This results in more efficiency, more profitability and more financial flexibility for hairdressing entrepreneurs.

For me as a small hairdresser
Small hairdressers often have as much expertise as larger salons. The small, innovative assortment is of course a great advantage and makes me unique.

Profitability & Efficiency:

With 21 base tubes are acquisition and storage costs drastically reduced. This contributes not only to promote the salon success, but also supports sustainable hairdressing entrepreneurs in developing their business.

For me as a start-up Hairdresser
Small investment, trendy, new, innovative, everything a young hairdresser needs.

Due to the low investment in terms of hair color I do not need such a big starting capital.

As a new salon in the city I have to equal compete with the best. With System 21 I have in terms of color expertise in the lead.


Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe are the founders of modern color theory.

In the center of the success of the customer is – and – the claim Hairdressers in her salon everyday to the best possible support, so that it for them runs “true”! As round as possible. The roundest shape the world describes in mathematics by the

Kreiszahl (PI) representing the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. By its value of 3.1415926 … (dot, dot, dot) the Kreiszahl has endless places. Infinity offers space and freedom. Infinite diversity and creativity Pure Identity offers its customers. So welcome the innovative Colorationskonzept System21 the creation of infinitely many nuances on the basis of only 21 tubes of paint. Considering the economic benefits with a view to storage and capital commitment, then shows a new freedom for hairdressers – a milestone and a new range of possibilities for success.

PI – Pure Identity

Holistic product and

Specialized service concepts

Infinity closes the loop and thus also stands for wholeness. To lead successfully today a hairdressing salon, it requires a holistic, effective business concepts that provide modern solutions, profitability, safety and reliability, without restricting the creative development of the hairdresser. So Pure Identity connects holistically all the components in a unique way with each other and sets for its clients on the best possible support by the factors: quality (Made in Germany), modernity, precision, profitability, innovative technologies and communication.

Thomas Ochsenkiel

unterschrift ochsenkiel-frei

passion for color

team image
Andy Larisch
Head of Creative / Soloninhaber
Mich als wirtschaftlich denkender Friseurunternehmer begeistert die neue kreative und wirtschaftliche Freiheit, die mir System21 bietet.
team image
Nicole Fritsch
PURE IDENTITY Trainer - Saloninhaberin
Mit System21 habe ich das optimale Colorationssystem für meinen kleinen Salon gefunden, denn es passt sich perfekt meinen Bedürfnissen und denen der Kunden an. Es ist so einfach seine Kunden zu begeistern, denn die Anwendung der Colorations-App ist super einfach und die Farben strahlen mit traumhafter Intensität.
team image
Suaip Özalp
Creative by EBIL hair and beyond
Mode, Farbe, Einzigartigkeit, Kreativität.
``Mit diesen 21 Farben kann ich zaubern``

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