PURE IDENTITY - Friseurexklusive Haarkosmetik

92 ready-to-use:

Permanent color results with mixing Peroxid 6 %, 9 % or 12 % and the identical Semi-permanent color results with mixing:

SOFT COLORATION:   with 3 % Peroxide 

(you can then create either tone-on-tone- or darker recipes) and

LIGHT COLORATION:  with 1,9 % Peroxide 

(you can then create either tone-on-tone or darker recipes)

Our cream base - the POWER cocktail

For optimal color treatment. Smooth application, easy rinsing, and above all ultra-effective color that’s gentle on the hair and scalp.

  • Selected color molecules and color compositions achieve brilliant color results
  • Easy mixing
  • 2 Nature Shades /0 and /00
  • Compact firmly adhering cream
  • Does not irritate, does not drip
  • Gentle Care for the dyeing by shares and low ammonia content
  • 100 % gray coverage
  • Intensive tint, Soft coloration and Color
Farbkarte-aufgeklappt PURE IDENTITY1000