PURE IDENTITY - Friseurexklusive Haarkosmetik
The GENTLE approach to consistent COLOR RESULTS with NATURE as our guide.
Perfect interplay of permanent & semi-permanent color

Nurturing Precious ingredients in sour cream and tint ESTHETIC Color in the alkaline hair Color Cream PURE makes our system unique.

The results are convincing; Unbeatable luminosity and outstanding gloss let the color dancing in her hair. The color cream provides optimal gray coverage with excellent durability for an intensive, absolutely reliable coloration result.

Unique recipe
PI-Strich groesser-Weiss

The cream base for our permanent and semi-permanent - in professional circles “alkaline” and “acidic” - hair color products contains the following ingredients.

Die optimale Synergie für die Haarbeschaffenheit schon während des Colorationsprozesses entsteht durch die kombinierte Wechselwirkung aller Elemente. Erst der in der Cremebasis integrierte Cocktail aus Extrakten von Hafer, Bambus, Panthenol, Macadamia Nuss, Heilerde, Kollagen, Keratin sowie der einzigartige Duft des Parfüms „Green“ schafft die unverwechselbar schonende Wirkung aller PURE IDENTITY Produkte.

ECO wheat extract

Protein supplement for the hair and scalp. Healing and anti-inflammatory effect, also used for sunburn and skin irritations.

It is the structure of protein for hair and scalp and acts optimally wound-healing , anti-inflammatory, even with sunburn and irritation .

Bamboo extract

Invigorates and strengthens the hair shaft.

The tropical grass is a true beauty cocktail of iron, calcium and silicon. This all-rounder has a strengthening effect on the hair shaft and thus gives hair stability, protects against moisture loss and promotes hair growth.

Macadamia oil

Proteins and lipids for vitamin B, calcium, iron, phosphorus. Macadamia oil promotes suppleness, prevents scalp irritations and gives your hair a natural shine.

Under the quite tough exterior hides a treasure trove of exquisite minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus . But even with vitamins such as vitamin A , B1 and B2 you will be amply supplied.

Macadamia oil emphasizes the softness of the hair, prevents scalp irritations and gives natural shine.

Macadamia - Öl
Keratin / collagen

Keratin plays an important role in the body's cells , particularly in hair and nails.

The active ingredient keratin strained, limp hair is again fed energy. The hair regenerates itself and shines with flexibility and strength.


Panthenol penetrates into deeper zones hair and smoothes out rough shed layers. Does the hair moisture , improves the gloss for beautiful,, supple hair.

Loess - healing Clay

The catalytic effect of all mineralogical substances produced a booster effect in the color process.

The result, a more vigorous, expressive color results with improved durability.